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Bald Eagle Days

The Quad Cities Bald Eagle Days takes place yearly in the Rock Island Expo Center. This annual event celebrates the winter migration of the bald eagles as, hundreds of the majestic National Birds make the Quad Cities their home for the winter.

With the Mississippi River, the Rock River, and other water bodies present, there are ample fish to feed the growing population of Bald Eagles. The Lock and Dam areas are perfect places to view the eagles, especially when the river is frozen elsewhere. The Rock River bridges from Rock Island to Milan usually allow you to view the Eagles. Another fantastic area is on South Concord in Davenport, near the foot of the I-280 Bridge. It is not unusual to see 40 plus Eagles at the same time in this area diving and swooping gracefully as they spot unwary fish in the water.

The Bald Eagle Days is a multi day event that includes demonstrations of Bald Eagles that have been rehabilitated from injuries. There are also wolves present, snake and other wildlife presentations. You can purchase hand-crafted nature related artwork at exhibit areas.

For more information, please visit the QC Expo Bald Eagle Days section 

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