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The Davenport Sky Bridge is the newest and perhaps one of the most striking and memorable additions to Davenport, Iowa and the River Renaissance that Davenport is creating.

Davenport skybridge entrance

The Skybridge is a wonderful addition to the urban landscape that has already turned into a focal point for the downtown area. The skybridge is both a destination and a functional tool at the same time. It draws people from throughout the Quad Cities and surrounding areas to experience the sweeping views of the Mississippi River through the floor to ceiling glass walls. Others use it as a safe way to cross River Drive on their way to the Riverboat, LeClaire Park, or the bike path.

View of LeClaire Park

The River Music Skybridge spans nearly 600 feet and sits 50 feet in the air. There are two entrances to the sky bridge. One is located in a courtyard on 2nd St. in Davenport, next to the Redstone building, which houses the River Music Experience, and Centro restaurant, where you can enjoy a meal outdoors in the courtyard. The other entrance is located across River Drive, near the Rhythm City River Boat and LeClaire park.

River Music and Centro Entrance

Both entrances have floor to ceiling glass windows, two elevators, and a stairwell. The elevators, as well as the stairwell have all glass walls. This allows you to enjoy the view all the way up, and down the 50 foot vertical height of the bridge. The bridge is also handicap accessible.

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