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Once you enter the sky bridge, you will immediately notice the mighty Mississippi River. To the West, is a panoramic view of the Centennial Bridge, John O'Donnell stadium, and Le Claire park. To the East, is a view of Arsenal Island and the Lock and Dam. On the South side there is an outdoor viewing platform. The perch offers sweeping views of the Mississippi river, and directly across is a panoramic view of the District of Rock Island.

Davenport skybridge lock and dam view

The Skybridge is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and is completely free of charge. There are many moods to the skybridge, as there are many moods to the river, dependent upon the time of day that you visit.

During the daylight hours, you will see all of the landscapes in their full light, and will have views of the new Figge Arts Center as well as the other major landmarks. You will also have a birds eye view of the Dillon fountain that is located at the Courtyard at the foot of Main Street and River Drive. From the Road Below, the skybridge has an iridescent green color to the glass and is a very beautiful site. The Davenport skybridge is also the perfect place to watch the beautiful sunsets and sunrises that take place along the Mississippi River.

Davenport skybridge Figge Arts Center View

Figge Arts Center View from Sky Bridge

Davenport Dillon Fountain from sky bridge

View of Dillon Fountain from Skybridge.

When the sun sets, the Skybridge takes on an entirely new dimension. Located throughout the entire span of the sky bridge are a series of Led Lights. These lights illuminate the bridge in an ever-changing kaleidoscope of color, each creating their own mood. You may enter the bridge and see white light. Before you know it, it has faded into a lavender color, and then into a blue, red and back to white.

Davenport skybridge at night

Riverdrive entrance at night. Notice platform at right.

Davenport skybridge night view.

View from Skybridge platform after sunset.

Davenport Skybridge Page 3

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